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I thought “Ballet is sissy girls’ stuff”, but one day, I saw a guy (a legendary male dancer) in a film, which completely blew me away and made me realize “Oh, I found what I want to do for my life”.

Hiroshi Wakamatsu began his career as a professional dancer in Tokyo, working with renowned choreographers and companies. Since his arrival in Belgium in 1996, he worked as a freelancer for various projects in Charleroi, Brussels, Athens, etc. He joined the Komische Oper Ballet of Berlin in 2001 under the direction of Blanca Li and
Adolphe Binder and worked with several prominent choreographers, such as Amanda Miller, Itzik Galili, Rami Be’er, Deborah Colker, Marguerite Donlon, Merlyl Tankard. After the regrettable dissolution of the company in 2004, he joined the Tanzcompanie Giessen, worked with notable choreographers such as Kim Olson, Natalie Weir, participated in Tanz Messe Dûssledorf and other various avant-garde dance projects. In 2007 he returned to Belgium, founded his own dance company, Compagnie Hiroshi Wakamatsu and participated in various dance festivals in Belgium and France. At the same time he continued to work as a dancer for Listopa Dance in Antwerp, Compagnie Irene K in Eupen, and participated in international dance festivals around the world.

portretfoto © Wolfgang Raabe

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