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Lindy Hop: Easy steps for happy dancers

Olga & Philippe

Both in Lindy Hop and in Authentic Jazz there are plenty of small but quite pretty steps and variations, which usually there is not much time for during the basic courses. All these little things enrich your dancing and make it light, different, unpredictable and very fun. This can be variations of already known basic moves, as well as solo jazz elements, which you can easily learn and even more easily apply on the social dance floor. This course is a great addition to your regular classes in level "with basicexperience" or level "half-advanced" (or even level advanced!). 

This workshop will also be useful for those dancers who don’t have opportunity to attend regular classes, but they still would like from time to time to learn something new and fresh to their existing repertoire.

The workshop is not for the complete beginners, you have to be familiar with basic lindy hop steps (8-count and 6-count basic steps) and also some of the main basic moves (such as lindy circles, swing outs, basic charleston and etc). 

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